About us

About us

Neobion Techstart is an emerging service based firm, we provide Business, IT & HR solutions - Recruitment and Talent outsourcing services deferring to your requirements in various industries. We Primarily provide business solutions like Digital platforms, Mobile developments & Software products.Neobion is into IT Consulting in which the areas of Software development, IT Infrastructure planning, Risk assessment analysis, Security consulting and Recovery plans are involved. We provide the Business consulting services in which the areas of Marketing, Accounting& Financial Management, Organizational Management are involved. Neobion is also a one stop solution for the complete HR Consulting services.


To provide 100% satisfaction to our customers and better working experience and life style for our employees.“Support our clients to achieve ideal and optimum human resources solutions through our professional service with best planning and training to consolidate their business growth”.

Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.


To provide the best services to our clients by using our experts knowledge and innovation in order to make their dream projects come true. Neobion TechStart is envisioned in order to “Become a leading service provider in HR & recruitment services across the globe”

“Our happiest customers are the greatest pillar of our development”

Customer Satisfaction

 “Customer satisfaction is worthless and customer loyalty is priceless”.


“We believe that Integrity is the human quality which is the keystone for a successful business”.


 “With the increasing speed of business in today’s economy transparency isn’t just desirable – it is essential”.


“Quality is the best business plan we can ever do for a sucsessful organization”.


 “Collaboration is the key, it takes creativity and innovation to next level”.


“ To succeed we believed in something with such a passion, so that it became a reality”.

Co Founder & CEO

Jay Pal

"The Achievements of our organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual"

Managing Partner

Bala Krishnan

"You've got to let go of you were, to become the one who you want to be"

General Manager


"We hire people for attitude and train them for skills"

Senior Consultant

Prem Kumar

"People are an organization's most valuable asset and the key to its success"


"Our organization's success depends of the people we surround our self with"


Ernest Babu

"Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon result"

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Neobion Techstart is officially registered in February.


Neobion TS expands to include Recruiters, developers and designers to its network.


Neobion TS directed towards reaching various businesses in the city.