Business Consulting

Business Consulting

We Provide various consulting services in order to support your business in which the people face difficulties in developing your firm. The firm’s diverse, global teams bring deep industry and functional expertise to organizations, helping them to grow, build sustainable competitive advantage, and drive positive societal impact. Neobion’s Business consulting expertise are involved in advising, planning and restructuring the various areas of your business like the Management, Accounting, HR, Marketing& Public relations, Financial control, Digital transformation and Exit planning. The expertise would be operating internally or externally as per the business conditions or requirements. Our Business consulting process covers Finance& accounting, Business systems and performance improvements, Taxation, Governance, risk & compliance and Finance optimization.

Strategy Consulting

Our experienced professionals help you offer specific solutions to business challenges, it involves intensive research, designing short and long-term strategies, assessing risk factors, advising on how to grow and creating implementation frameworks using industry best practices.

HR Consulting

Our HR Consultation includes End-to-End Recruitment, Planning and Implementation of Company policies, Performance Evaluation, HR Training, Counselling and Employee relations. Our consultation process focus on Employee retention in an organization, to reduce the attrition rate and to create a better working environment to the employees.

Marketing& Sales Consulting

Our group of Marketing experts support your business in outsourcing Marketing activities like B2C, B2B, Outbound, Tele Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Brand Marketing.Our Marketing process may differ based on the nature of business. Our Marketing services include Direct Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Digital & Tele Marketing.

Financial Planning

Neobion provides better ideas in planning and Managing the funds for your business. The financial planning is the first and foremost thing a start-up or a Mid-level companies should do. Finance Shared Services & Outsourcing assists clients in developing finance service delivery strategies and approaches that can include shared services, outsourcing and suggestions of what should be retained at corporate and in the business units.

Accounting and Audit Services

Our consultants advise firms on how to use their accounting system. Improvements in the accounting process, as well as the identification of problematic areas in the process, potential future difficulties, and everything else that requires updating, are all provided with the assistance of the accounting consultant. 

Salesforce Consulting

We are expertise in Salesforce consulting, our process involves analysing your business needs, assess your sales force solutions, support and enhance the process and ensure a smooth migration process and take care of the continuity of your business flow.

Our Extended Business Consulting Services

We provide ideas for your product, we support your business in promoting your product, we fix the price and plan your finances better. We provide SEO, Pay per click and Social media marketing for your product within your budget.