Engineering & Manufacturing

Engineering & Manufacturing

Our Services deals with providing resources for building advanced heavy machinery to construction projects. We have qualified engineering resources in the fields of Industrial and Manufacturing, Civil, Mechanical, Computers, AI& Electrical and Electronics.


Manufacturing Industries

We work for various manufacturing industries, we provide the complete HR Consulting, Business Intelligence and many other services. The Manufacturing industries like Apparel and Textiles, Oil, Chemical, Plastics, Computers, Transportations, Food production and Metal Manufacturing.

Civil Industries

Civil engineers have many roles and responsibilities that make civil engineering is one of the most important forms of engineering.We work for our civil clients in different aspects like Manpower supply, Process planning, Accounting and financial planning and many more

Networking and Tele-Communication Industry

We support Networking and Tele-communication business by provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We support their business in outsourcing many of our solutions in planning, implementing various technologies within reduced cost, increased production, etc.

Automotive Industry

Neobion is connected with automotive industries which comprises a wide range of companies and organizations involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.We provide better software solutionsfor designing and ideas for development and provide resources for Manufacturing and support the industries in Marketing and increase their product sales.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industries work with software suppliers, corporate labs, government labs, etc. We help this industry by building up theories and using various advanced technologies. We develop software for the purpose of designing, coding, deploying, etc.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering industries use different software which help them in design and operation of chemical reactors, distillation columns, cooling towers, and more. The advanced technologies are used in chemical industries for simulation, digital twin, ChemCAD, AutoCAD, etc. We develop and customise software for chemical engineering to do research, planning and execution of ideas.