HR & Operations

HR & Operations

We advise diverse organizations on a world wide range of issues involving its workforce. We address specific issues and remain on retainer until the issues are resolved. The major goal of our HR consulting services is to develop your business with an efficient and productive HR Department to develop your business using best HR Practices. We advise the Management of an organization on the administration of human resources policies and procedures. Our HR Consulting services reduce your cost of recruiting people based on the requirement, we also make your training process easier which is time and resource consuming, retaining and reducing the attrition rate of your company so that your efforts don’t go to waste. This time, money and effort can be better utilized in development of core business.

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Recruitment & Selection

Neobion is into Recruitment and staffing services for various sectors like Manufacturing industries, Engineering based industries, Health care and life science and many more. Getting qualified and suitable resources would be a huge task for most of the organizations, so we make the process easier for any kind of business concern.

Learning & Development

We do outsourcing for L&D in which an organization is empowering employees' growth and developing their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to drive better business performance. Training helps the employees to perform tasks easily and also they can innovate new strategies to execute the task. This builds some level of satisfaction in employees. The HR professionals help your management in training and developing your employees in a reduced time and cost.

Payroll Management

Neobion provides a wide range of software development services to manage the payroll process in an organization. We also train the HR professionals in Payroll Management, ESI, PF calculations. We educate them in other deductions, incentives plans, attendance management, leave calculations and deductions. We build software based on the size of a business and educate the management how to use it in an effective way.

Performance Management

The Performance Management operates within 4 different stages – Planning, Monitoring, reviewing and rewarding. This Process plays an important role in employee relations and employee retention. Every successful corporation follows this process in their organization. Neobion supports the management in planning and implementation of this process in their organization. Using the performance management system, we can plan Salary appraisal, Incentives and promotions also.

Employee Relations

To have the best employee employer relation in an organization, we should concentrate on the workplace culture, Teamwork, Good rapport, transparency in communication, events, regular meetings and grievance redressal. As a HR consulting firm we support your management in training your HR professional in various phases of the employee relation process.

Policies Framing

Based on the grievances we can frame certain policies to be implemented in the organization, it helps to satisfy your employees directly. Most of our Indian companies are struggling to plan the policies and to implement them in an effective way. Planning is the process which involves time and Implementing is the one which involves Money. Neobion offers the package of planning and implementing and getting the reviews from the beneficiaries.